Sunday-March 28th, 2021
Saturday-April 24th, 2021
Sunday-May 23rd, 2021

Saturday-June 19th, 2021

Saturday-July 31st 2021

Saturday-August 28th, 2021

Saturday-September 25th, 2021

Sunday-October 17th, 2021

Sunday-November 14th, 2021

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The Flying Rabbit is a registered National Sporting Clays Association member club. We throw registered targets approximately eight to nine times per year from early Spring to late Fall. Our tournaments are “Fun Shoots” and usually consist of 100 bird Main event and a 100 bird Super Sporting event.  All concurrent classes will apply. These are fun shoots so the honor system is in place for scoring. All NSCA rules apply. If desired, you can warm up on our 5 Stand before tackling the course.

Registration begin at 8:30 am with shooting starting no earlier than 9:00 am. Scores are reported on